When you read the Old Testament prophets, languishing in exile from Jerusalem and longing for their return with all the passion of a diaspora Dubliner crying into his pint of plain, or William Blake, seeking a new Jerusalem among ‘satanic mills’ of England – the 21st Century reality is a sobering experience. I went to Jerusalem once. Never again. I don’t know what was worse – the importunate street beggars, the omnipresent threat of Kalashnikov and suicide bomb, or the hordes of sheep-like Christians of every race and creed, jostling with each other to catch glimpses of some of the tawdriest religious spectacles ever devised by man for extracting hard earned cash from the supernaturally naive. But it is what it is. And what it just can’t be is the capital of Israel – not while a single Arab draws breath. The modern Jewish State of Israel was born out of Gentile guilt and naive religious belief. It should never have happened. But it did and we have to deal with it. Arabs have been living in Jerusalem since the Romans kicked the Jews out of Israel two thousand years ago and they have every right to go on doing so. In my humble opinion, a two state solution is the only way forward and Jerusalem has to be divided between the two, or kept apart as a separate state – or – and this would be my choice – bulldozed to the ground so that humanity can start again with a clean slate.

And now, The Donald blunders into this cesspit of inhumanity and prejudice with all the finesse we have come to expect from his presidency, and makes almost any, sane solution to the problem, virtually impossible. Trump’s intervention in middle east politics is probably the most terrifying of his acts so far. There can only be one explanation for this move that has received almost universal condemnation – while we were worrying about what promises he made to the Russians, we were forgetting the ones he must certainly have made to the Jewish lobby and equally bad, the Evangelical Right. While the latter fight hard to keep the former out of their country clubs and families, they are both nevertheless united in their Zionism. Jews and Extreme Christians both believe that the return of the Jewish people to Jerusalem signals the beginning of the 'Last Days' before God calls a halt on things, judges us all, and ushers in his new Kingdom. Of course, Jews think they have been chosen to sit on top of the pile when that happens, while Christians regard themselves as the true Elect of God. But until the Almighty solves that particular issue, they can both unite in a common goal. Bring on Armageddon they say - let the Lord’s Will be done. And if Trump can help the Almighty out a bit on this one, then that should secure him a seat at the Holy Table when the chips are down. As one of the world’s most obviously psychopathic leaders we can safely assume that mass extinction of the human race doesn’t bother him one way or another. Maybe that explains the look of utter terror in his wife’s eyes – she knows!